I’ve been trading options for over 15 years. Nowadays I am a contributor at
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How I traded this Put calendar and adjusted it over time to come out with a profit

I’m writing this post to show how I adjusted this trade and my thinking behind it. I started this put Calendar on SPY on 9/14. My thinking was that we were going to stay within the range and I was looking for 15-20% profit but because markets were so volatile I was willing to make… Read more How I traded this Put calendar and adjusted it over time to come out with a profit

Directional butterflies

In the last post I explained some of the basics of the butterfly trade. I covered adjusting deltas and how to stay neutral while making money no matter which direction the market moves. Today we’ll look at directional bullish and bearish butterflies. Balanced butterflies Let’s say that I have a bullish view of SPX for… Read more Directional butterflies

Trading butterflies

One of my favorite ways to trade is using butterflies. A butterfly is an options strategy that is constructed using a bull and bear spread. The reason why I love using butterflies is because they’re a very flexible way of setting up a trade that could potentially make you money in many scenarios. When you… Read more Trading butterflies

Trading platforms review

I personally don’t recommend Robinhood if you are serious about trading. As of this writing, the app has very basic functions and I’ve heard horror stories about their system being down for long periods of time. Schwab Street Smart Edge is a solid platform which I like to use for scalping. The interface is a… Read more Trading platforms review

How to invest in stocks

Can you teach me? This is a question I often get when people learn that I’ve have been trading options for many years. I enjoy answering specific questions and pointing people in the right direction. I‘ve had the most success trading options, so I’ve decided to start posting some resources for people who are interested… Read more How to invest in stocks